The Haidari Crisis

The Haidari Crisis


59′, Betacam SP

DIRECTOR: Tomislav Zaja

PRODUCTION: Gral Film (Croatia)


“We took the story of smallest, but basic community – a family – to show how the major world crisis are looking from the inside.” (Tomislav Zaja, director)


Habiba Haidari and her seven children were quiet sure that their husband and father Sahi Ahmed was killed in Taliban prison in Kabul (Afghanistan). Without any contact with him for years, no one knew that he survived. After eight years he went out from prison. But in the meantime his family have dissapiered. As he was thinking that they might be alive in some refugee camp in western part of the world, Sahi Ahmed decided to start his journey with only one goal – to find his family. One year after he was cought as an illegal immigrant in Croatia and was imprisoned again. During his stay in Croatian prison, by unbelievable coincidence, he finds out that his family is alive and well in Holland. Habiba is working, children are going to school and they all have Holland citizenship. From now on they want only one thing – to be together again. But from there the UNHCR bureaucracy takes responsibility for the future destiny of the Haidari family. And torturing of Haidaries continues in unimaginable way… It will last for next three years, until summer 2005.


Speaking languages: Farsi, Croatian, English  /  Subtitles: English



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