English title: Alone

Documentary film Alone is researching the phenomenon of not-marrying in Zumberak where the depopulation has deserted this beautiful area near Croatian capitol of Zagreb. This film’s purpose is not in witnessing the social consequences of this tragic fact, but in search of the reasons for such destinies of film’s characters. What is behind that? Egoism, fear from responsibility, economic unsafety, poverty, break of traditional values, ruthless consumerism, fear from life? Why so many people decide to stay alone, without family? Open hearts of this film’s characters will help us enter into the hidden world of their moral doubts, fears, loneliness, and incurable sadness.



2008., 50′, color, video

Directed by: Miroslav Mikuljan

Screenplay by: Marija Peakić-Mikuljan

Cinematography: Vedran Šamanović

Edited by: Mladen Medić

Music: Vjeran Šalamon

Produced by: Gral Film

Awards: 2008 ITF’CRO – Best film up to 60 minutes


Why do so many people decide not to have children, thus become fated to a life of loneliness? Selfishness, fear of responsibility, economic uncertainty, poverty, breakdown of traditional values, feckless consumerism, fear of life? The open hearts of the protagonists of this film will help us enter a world of moral doubt, fears, tragic and mistaken life decisions, solitude and inconsolable sadness.

Speaking language: Croatian / Subtitles: English





Miroslav Mikuljan is born in 1943 in Krizevci, Croatia. Graduated from the Film and TV Editing department at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. As a member of the Cinema club, Kino klub Zagreb, he made numerous amateur films that won several domestic and international awards. He directed dozens of documentary films and serials, children’s tv films, tv dramas, short films and features. As of 1990, he turns his attention to documentary films and serials that he produces with Croatian Television’s Documentary Program and becomes it’s head in 1995. In 2002, he ceases work as head of the Documentary Program and resumes directing artistic and socially relevant documentary films.



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