MAIN FILMOGRAPHY Antonia D. Carnerud

as director and producer


2016             Beyond Medals (Skrivena strana medalja), documentary, 74 min.


2011               * In Love with Life (Zaljubljena u život),  documentary,  54 min,

                        production Croatian Television HRT.


2000 - present / Projects in development:

                        Hunter's Moon, feature-length fiction for cinema

                        Brefen från Cuba/Cartas desde Cuba, doc. TV,

                        Chaos - Source of the Dancing Stars/ On F. Nietzsche, drama-doc.   TV/cinema.


1998              Graham and I – a True Story, TV documentary,  52 min,

                        Co-production with Factum/Independent Video Centre, Croatia.

                        Croatian Television HRT.


1995-96       * Memento, fiction for cinema, 16 min, 35 mm.

                       Participation at festivals (among others): Clermont-Ferrand, France;
                       Creteil, France; Toronto, Canada;  Seattle, USA;

                       Albany/New York, USA - awarded as The Best Experimental 1996.


1995             Lumières, cinema & TV documentary, 52 min.

                        Co-production with Ardeche Images, France.


1994              Dubrovnik - Walls of Our Past

                        (Dubrovnik - murar av vårt förflutna) cinema & TV doc., 58 min, 35 mm.

                        In co-production with RTBF. Participation at festivals in Marseille,    München, Leipzig,

                        Gothenburg, Reykjavik, Lisbon, Zagreb, Ismailia.


1993              In the shadow of war

                        (I skuggan av  kriget), TV documentary, 27 min, Beta SP.


1992              The Splendour of Bounty

                        (Ett givandets överflöd), TV documentary, 15 min, Beta SP.


1991               We Were Young Yugoslavs

                        (Vi var unga - trodde att Jugoslavien var ETT) TV/cinema documentary,

                        66 min.

                        Participation at festivals in Paris - Cinéma du Réel, Leipzig, Lisbon.


1990              Never to Return..?

                        (Utan återvändo..?)  cinema documentary, 75 min,  S-16 mm.

                        Participation at festivals in Lübeck - Nordique countries, Copenhagen,    Leipzig,

                        Århus - Nordisk Panorama, Gothenburg, Uppsala.


1990              Welcome to Sweden

                        (Välkommen till Sverige) cinema documentary, 21 min,  S-16 mm.

                        Participation at festivals in Uppsala and Gothenburg.


1988              Whoever said all this would be easy...

                        (Vem har sagt att allt ska vara lätt...; cinema & TV documentary, 65 min,

                        S-16 mm.  Participation at festivals in Stockholm et Gothenburg.



* only as a director, not involved as a producer

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