Bili smo madi, vjerovali da je  Jugoslavija - jedna

English title: We were Young Yugoslavs

Original title: “Vi var unga - trodde att Jugoslavien var ETT”


Nena, Ognjen, Ante, Mladen, Antonia and so many others... used to meet up in international youth summer camps. They were from Belgrade or Zagreb, and their parents Bosnian, Serb or Croat. They spoke different languages, written in different scripts. They were neither of the same religion nor from similar cultural traditions. But they were all aware of belonging to a country they believed in, a country that used to be called Yugoslavia.


Antonia now lives in Sweden. In the spring of 1991, when the disintegration of Yugoslavia began, she set off for Zagreb and Belgrade with a camera to question her old friends. The friendship remained, as did a determined optimism. But the film was overtaken by events before it was completed - the threat of nationalisms and the collapse of illusions. The military aggression against Croatia...The future was black.


A film by Antonia D. Carnerud

Genre: Documentary     Running time: 66‘     Format: 4:3

O.V. (Swedish, Croatian, Serbian) with ENGLISH subtitles

 Director of Photography:  Hans-Åke Lerin

Editing: Antonia D. Carnerud, Sanja Ljubić-Ekstrand

Music: Elia Cmiral

Assistant director: Rajko Radovanović

Sound mixer:  Slobodan Janjatović

Sound editor: Jean-Frédéric Axelsson

Mixing: Lars Liljeholm, FilmMixarna AB

On-line editing: Ian Cross, Holmberg & Hammar AB

Location manager: Željko Đerek

Production managers: Marianne Persson, Staffan Hedqvist


Produced by ADC Sweet Movie AB 1991/92

for Swedish Television – SVT, Kanal 1 Dokumentär


Distribution in Sweden FilmCentrum Stockholm

International distribution

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